Backlink Checker Appsumo Lifetime deal: Manage, Monitor Backlinks, and Check Indexing Status

You build backlinks for a client by exchanging links or buying backlinks. You offered it to your customers. When the buyer returns a month later, they say there is no link because it was taken down.

Would you really like to go through this again?

say hello to the backlink Checker

Get all of your post-link-building done with Backlink Monitor.

  • Check backlinks and be informed if a link, anchor, or rel-tag changes.
  • Check indexing: This tells you if Google has found your backlink.
  • Send to Index—Send your backlinks that aren’t already listed so that they get found faster.
  • Manage backlinks—Track backlinks from different vendors or clients in one place, make notes, add users and coworkers, and share them through white-labeled public pages.

Also, if you enter your free Moz API key, the Backlink Discovery Add-On is included. If you don’t already have it, you can buy an extra year from our site for $69.

  • Watch your backlinks and be told if one is taken down or the rel-tag or anchor is changed.
  • Set a schedule and add followers to get backlink report emails after every crawl, whether once a week or once a month.

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We check your backlinks and immediately inform you if any links, anchor text, or rel tags are incorrect.
Comparatively speaking, there is a cool backlink tracking tool with advanced checks.

  • Make sure that the rel-tag and link text are right.
  • Look at the index and nofollow tags on each page.
  • Check to see if robots.txt has hidden your page.

Group links into groups so you can choose how often to check them, who to email with alerts, and how to set up public URLs and white-label pages. We check all the links in your list at the set intervals and send a nice email to everyone on that list.

Note: This tool used to be called Backlink Checker, but we changed it to Backlink Monitor to make it clearer, so users don’t think we help them check their site’s ties.

100% automatic—add links and forget about it. We take all possible actions to maintain your connections.
Check your backlinks to see if the “link_from” field includes your site’s “link_to” and that the anchor text and rel-tag match.

To monitor your ties, make schedule changes once a week or once a month. Each crawl ends with a connection report.

Organize Teams—Ask your teammates to plan and oversee your link-building tasks.

With white-label public lists, you can change the appearance of the public backlink page and give it your own name.

Obtain your client’s trust.
Add people who want to receive emails. Sign people up for your groups. We send them an email if any of the backlinks disappear.

services with their own names on public lists. Make your list public and give your clients the link to see it without logging in. One URL you can share to show off the backlinks you built turns into a cool live collection of backlinks.

We’ll monitor your backlinks and let you know if any disappear or if anything else changes.
Link Logs for Monitoring – View the current state of each link and past logs.

Secured Cloud—There is nothing to get and nothing hard to do. Send us a list of URLs you want to watch, and we’ll send you regular email reports.

Automatic backlink detection: find new backlinks to your site and pick a few to keep an eye on all the time.

Get Backlink Monitor right now and never worry about missing a backlink again.

Features and plans

Conditions of the deal

  • Backlink Checker is free for life.
  • You have 60 days from the date of purchase to use your code(s).
  • All future changes to the plan award-badge

60 days to get your money back. You can try it for two months to make sure it works for you.

All plans come with these features:

  • Pick the frequency of your checks: once, weekly, or monthly.
  • By adding people to groups, you can get email alerts with a tracking report.
  • Link tracking logs let you see each link’s current state and past files.
  • Share your list publicly on social media or with your business.
  • Get emails when a backlink disappears, the rel-tag changes, or the anchor text changes.

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