Lead Scrape: B2B Lead Hunting Made Simple

Discover, Connect, and Succeed: B2B Lead Hunting Made Simple with Lead Scrape

Looking for new business leads?
You can use Lead Scrape to find B2B leads in any field. The lead information includes the company name, address, phone number, website, email, contact name, social media profiles, SEO information, latitude and longitude, and more.

You can look for leads by job title or get a list of all those working for a company.

In this day and age of digital marketing, every business needs a steady stream of new leads to find new customers. The process is easier and faster with Lead Scrapes

The data they send you will be in a CSV a CSVe, which can be imported into any lead-tracking software or marketing automation tool you already use to monitor your sales flow.

It would be awesome if you could get thousands of business leads with just a few hits.

Of course, you can with Lead Scrape!


Get new ideas in every field.
Find new people to buy your goods or join your business.


The best for marketers and marketing firms
Another option besides Lusha Features
in line with GDPR

Lead Scrape Overview

Leads in any niche

Our huge database has B2B companies in every field and their contact information.

Find potential customers.

Find out who makes decisions at a company and how to contact them.

Savings on costs

Get thousands of business leads without paying for ads, free stuff, old lists, etc.

Lead Scrape can help you find thousands of leads and area companies.

Easily add new leads to your sales process with a few clicks:

  • Choose your goal.
  • Pick out the place
  • Find new customers.

Find good leads and improve the way you get leads.

  • To get the email addresses of anyone at any company,
  • Find good, focused leads in any field
  • Find the right people who can make decisions.
  • You can finally stop using all those time-consuming ways to get leads you’ve been using.

Get as much information as you can about possible clients.

Isn’t it great if you could get thousands of business leads with just a few clicks?

Making more money depends on how many leads you have.

The first goal of most marketing and advertising efforts is always to get people to purchase.

Getting leads, on the other hand, can be hard and cost a lot.

If you use Lead Scrape, getting leads will be as easy as clicking your mouse.

Get into Lead Scrape right away!

Features and plans

Conditions of the deal
Access to Lead Scrape for life
All possible changes to the Standard Plan
If the plan name changes, the deal will be linked to it with all the changes that come with it.
You have sixty days from the date you bought the code to use it.
Take note of this: This deal cannot be stacked. It is GDPR-compliant.
Customers who bought from AppSumo can use the new feature limits and enjoy a 60-day money-back promise. You can try it for two months to be sure it works.

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