OneTake AI: AI video editor to turn raw footage into ready-to-share presentations in one click

What is OneTake AI?

OneTake AI is a video editing application that uses artificial intelligence to produce refined presentations from unedited footage with a single touch.

When making a movie, even the most skilled content makers mess up a lot of takes. ( “Are they still bloopers if I’m not laughing?” )

It might take hours to get good footage, let alone edit it, because of all the “ums” and the sound of your neighbor’s lawn machine.

If only an AI video producer could take any unprocessed video and make it look like a professional movie right away, with changes and everything.

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You can translate a movie into six languages while keeping your voice and rhythm, even if you must make up words on the spot.
You can use just one button to turn raw video into presentations with transitions, graphics, callouts, and more.


Best for

  • Content creators
  • Course creators
  • Solopreneurs

Alternative to

  • Adobe Premiere
  • Vimeo
  • YouTube


  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Zoom


  • GDPR-compliant
  • AI

Overview of OneTake AI

AI is used in OneTake AI, a video editor, to turn raw clips into finished slideshows with just one click.

Chat from OneTake can generate ideas for blog posts, videos, mailers, training plans, and YouTube descriptions.

Just introduce yourself and what you do to help your new creative helper understand your business.

You can quickly add background, make changes, and make the content you need since you’ll keep the talk going.

AI chat
The AI helper can help you make video scripts, content ideas, email messages, etc.
Making changes to your movies is easy! Just add raw footage and press the “Magic Button” to edit your movies immediately.

AI drives this tool to add smooth changes, make animations, get rid of weird silences, and more.

It can even write catchy names and callouts to keep people watching and record your content as you speak.

AI for editing videos
You can turn your raw video into a finished show with one click!
With OneTake AI, you don’t have to worry about background noise or bad voice quality when delivering material.

This tool can automatically eliminate things in the background, such as dogs barking, air conditioning, traffic, and anything else that detracts from your message.

A tool that sharpens your voice, eliminates weird sounds, and lets you control the volume levels will give your videos a crystal-clear sound.

Within minutes, you’ll have a full video presentation with great sound to watch and listen to.

Look at the end result
View mode lets you change your movie, image, and display style.
OneTake AI has patented technology that lets you translate movies for viewers worldwide while keeping your original rhythm.

Change your voice and move your lips to match the language. You can pick from six languages: Spanish, French, and German.

That means you’ll always get correct and understandable explanations, even if the way they’re given is hasty and unplanned.

AI can translate videos
You can translate any movie while keeping your natural rhythm and voice.
When you’re the only one creating videos, you might want to reduce production. “This is the You-Just-Had-To-Be-There version; my cat is meowing in it.”

The video editor in OneTake AI makes it easy to turn raw footage into finished movies with text, graphics, and more.

One-click changes movies.

Get access to OneTake AI for life right now!

Features and plans

Conditions of the deal
Access to OneTake AI for life All future changes to the business plan
The deal will be linked to the new plan name and all the changes that come with it if the plan name changes.
You can choose the best plan for you without using any codes or layers.
You have 60 days from the date of purchase to activate your license.
While the deal lasts, you can switch between three license levels.
Within 60 days of buying, you can reduce between 3 license levels.
In line with GDPR
Available to new users of OneTake AI and past AppSumo buyers
Customers who have bought One Take AI from AppSumo before can update their licences to get more features.
OneTake Player lets you host movies that can be watched by an unlimited number of people.
You can make as many changes, copies, and downloads as you want to your movie. Every month on the first, minutes are added back up and don’t carry over to the next month.

60 days to get your money back. You can try it for two months to ensure it works for you.

All plans come with these features

with just one click of the “Magic Button”
Structured, clean recordings with a correct dictionary and word checker that can be changed
Adaptive presenting style based on neuroscience
Anything from horizontal to vertical (for YouTube) to square (for Instagram) video editing
Come up with training plans, offers, content, and product ideas tailored to your audience.
Make persuasive sales films, marketing writing, and ads for YouTube and Facebook.
Learns from the material you already have to give you accurate and personalized answers
Come up with and improve material and ideas in more than one language
It gets rid of background noise automatically
Changes the level and compression of your voice to make it sound professional and clear.
Perfect amounts of volume for podcasts around the world
With OneTake’s video-from-audio tool, you can turn your audio files into professional movies.
It keeps your voice and improves every translated version in the same way.
Add background music that fits your video’s theme to make it more powerful emotionally and keep people watching.
Choose how many names and descriptions you want to show in each movie.
Automatic language detection works with French, US English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, and Dutch.
It works with Australian English and UK English With just one click, you can speak English, Hindi, Finnish, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, or Vietnamese.

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