LeadRocks – a reliable B2B contact database with 100M+ records, emails, phone numbers and LinkedIns

LeadRocks, what is it? 

LeadRocks: A trustworthy B2B contact database with more than 100 million records, emails, phone numbers, and LinkedIn profiles called LeadRocks. You’re only a few clicks away from high-quality leads for your hyper-targeted marketing!

Using LeadRocks’ prospecting tool, you may look for leads by job title, firm name or website, location, sector, and team size. Use a single filter or a mix of many filters.
For more specific searches, use our suggested searches or insert any own value.
One-click will open both emails and phone numbers.

Upload a list of LinkedIn profile URLs to enhance LeadRocks.
For each profile on your list, retrieve the emails and phone numbers stored in our database.

In LeadRocks, save results, or export your enhanced list to a CSV file.

  • Save your search results to a new list using LeadRocks.
  • Save the results of your enrichment to a new list.
  • Data may be saved in or exported to CSV.
  • Upload your CSV into your CRM or any other automated application to bolster your prospecting.

The information we offer is sourced exclusively from legitimate and official sources. Utilize our constantly updated and confirmed statistics to inspire your sales team to greater heights.

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