Agiled: An integrated white-label platform that consolidates and streamlines all your business operations

Agiled What is it?

Agiled: An integrated white-label platform that consolidates and streamlines all your business operations. You could retire comfortably if you had a dollar for each time you had to move between tools to handle your leads, clients, projects, money, and personnel.

Agiled – a complete business management application

Let me introduce you to Agiled, a complete business management application enabling you to manage all your operations in one location.

  • Manage contracts, sales funnels, proposals, contacts, projects, budgets, and teams in a single location.
  • Alternatives to: Hello Bonsai, Honeybook, and Dubsado
  • Create invoices and estimates, manage to spend, and receive payments online from a single dashboard.

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Features of Agiled 

Agiled: An integrated white-label platform that consolidates and streamlines all your business operations

Agiled is a comprehensive company administration platform ready for white labeling and can handle clients, leads, finances, projects, tasks, staff, and more.

  • Use the built-in CRM to manage clients, leads, and sales pipelines!
  • Manage projects, create workflows, and automate tasks to make your business work for you!
  • Create professional invoices and get paid faster, plus automatically bill clients with subscriptions!
  • Get new clients onboard fast with intuitive flows.
  • Effortlessly book client meetings with the appointment toolkit!

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What makes Agiled Special?

Agiled is an all-in-one, white-label-ready company management platform that enables users to manage various business-related aspects, including customers, leads, finances, projects, tasks, and personnel.

Agiled will help you structure your procedures and manage your customers and leads simply by providing a white-labeled client portal for each customer.

You can rapidly import customers and leads using Agiled’s connectors with other CRMs or add clients and shows using the built-in CRM. You may even establish several sales funnels directly from Agiled’s customer relationship management system (CRM).

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Agiled Compatibility

Agiled is fully compatible with various business applications, including HubSpot, SendFox, Asana, Plutio, Active Campaign, Freedcamp, Freshbooks, Xero, Quickbooks, Zoom, and Mailshake.

In addition to infinite custom fields for accounts and contacts, the platform supports connection with Zapier, custom webhooks and API, and Integromat. This allows you to keep all of your lead data in one location.

How does it work?

CRM and sales pipeline

Use the built-in CRM to track your customers, prospects, and sales funnels!
The extensive project management capabilities offered by Agiled make it simple to arrange your projects and guarantee that they will be delivered on schedule.

Quickly get started and develop projects using pre-made project templates that can be customized.

You can quickly begin and manage your tasks, dependencies, and milestones on a single dashboard or save time by creating many workflows and automating various processes.

The dashboard contains capabilities for monitoring work, exchanging files, and reporting time, making it simpler to collaborate with others and fulfill deadlines.

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Automation of work processes

Take control of your company by organizing projects, establishing processes, and automating routine chores.
Additionally, Agiled enables you to submit professional-looking project estimates and bills directly from the site.

You could send payment reminders and accept online payments by integrating Stripe, PayPal, or Mollie once you have created and sent an invoice.

You may simplify accounting further by customizing ledger settings and using client subscriptions to charge customers automatically. This will save you a lot of time.

Additionally, the financial dashboard provided by Agiled might produce financial reports and monitor and approve the costs that your team has documented.

Subscription management

You can easily create professional invoices and be paid more quickly, in addition to automatically billing customers who have subscriptions.
Do you need help writing out a contract? You may create client contracts directly in the Agiled contract dashboard and organize them according to category.

Include confidential remarks inside the agreement, and then provide it to consumers as a link or an email attachment in PDF format, so they have to sign it online.

Additionally, more straightforward client onboarding routines imply less work for newly registered users.

Do you need to schedule a meeting to finalize the transaction? No issue. You can easily organize your calendar with the help of the appointment toolbox.

The process of onboarding new customers

Easily enroll new customers with streamlined processes that are easy to use.
Even more, is available! The all-encompassing human resource management system included in Agiled allows you to keep tabs on your remote and in-office personnel.

The connection with Transferwise allows users to handle payroll and keep track of employee attendance, time off, time entries, holidays, and productivity, all from inside the platform itself.

In addition, each employee is provided with a personal, white-label-ready portal via which they may record their hours worked, verify their attendance, request time off, and do many other tasks.

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Appointment tools

You’ll have no trouble scheduling meetings with your customers using the appointment toolbox.
Who is to say that you can’t have everything at once? (…other than my neighborhood frozen yogurt shop, which boasts “unlimited toppings” on its sign.)

When you sign up for Agiled, you have access to a complete business management solution that lets your company operate efficiently without ever having to switch tools.

Take a deep breath and relax, knowing you can handle your projects, contracts, leads, clients, funds, and workers in a single location.

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