Brilliant Directories Reviews and Brilliant Directories Pricing

Brilliant Directories Reviews and Brilliant Directories Pricing

Brilliant Directories Reviews: Brilliant Directories is an Easy Framework for Constructing a Successful Business Listings Platform. Do you know Brilliant Directories provides a turnkey platform for launching membership websites? You can choose the software you want and the services you need, including managing members, publishing content, and more.

Brilliant Directories Create, maintain, and profit from your membership website to seize control of your industry.

Membership programs are a great way to provide lasting value for your clients while generating a steady revenue stream for your company. (In addition, you will be able to make jackets that are only available to members and learn a secret handshake.)

Besides, suppose you must juggle multiple tools to construct, manage, and monetize your membership website, pay a significant sum, and wait for a custom site. In that case, the process may be more complicated than it’s worth.

Could you manage your membership program in a single location, complete with content publishing, email marketing, and searchable directories?

The Brilliant Directories are now available. Try it now

($89) Brilliant Directories Lifetime Deal

Brilliant Directories Reviews Key Features:

  • Access to Brilliant Directories for life
  • All upcoming Website Plan revisions
  • Choose the plan that’s best for you without using coupons or stacking.
  • Your license must be activated within 60 days after purchase.
  • Possibility to change licensing levels between 5 license tiers
  • conforming to GDPR
  • Customers of AppSumo in the past who bought Brilliant Directories may upgrade their license to get more features.
  • For Tiers 3+, there is a bonus: a 75% discount coupon for further purchases made on the Brilliant Directories website.
  • Release of Developer Tools at Tier 5
  • Standard Features for All plans 
  • Share newsletters
  • SSL certificate verification
  • Data export for members add-on
  • 1 website for all time
  • Share newsletters
  • SSL certificate verification
  • Data export for members add-on
  • 1 website for all time

($89) Brilliant Directories Lifetime Deal

Brilliant Directories Reviews: At-a-glance

Best for
  • Entrepreneur-curious
  • Marketers
  • Web designers
Alternative to
  • BuddyBoss
  • MemberPress
  • WordPress
  • Custom API
  • Integrated
  • Konnectzit
  • Pabbly Connect
  • Zapier
  • GDPR-compliant
  • White label

What can we design by Brilliant Directories?  

  • Real estate listings
  • Jobs
  • Events
  • Local businesses
  • Coupons
  • Articles/ Content
  • Classified ads
  • Catalogs

What are the best Features of Brilliant Directories? 

  • Built-in Email Marketing Tools
  • Easy Lead Generation + Tools to Sell Leads
  • Easy Payment Gate Integrations
  • Member Management System

Brilliant Directories Reviews: 

Top-rated themes enable you effortlessly develop directory and membership sites. Custom logos, photos, text, and branding stand out. Each theme has capabilities to feed your online community.

Using logos and photos, you can brand your website fast and accurately

You may alter your directory’s style, appearance, and feel without scripting. One-click design choices modify colors, fonts, and homepage layout.

Easy real-time design change. Live Design Tool and point-and-click design options provide you with website freedom. Real-time changes to colors, fonts, menus, etc. No, IT is required!

Internet links
Use social media content-sharing. We’ve made it easy to link Brilliant Directories to social networking.

Your website has members’ personal and professional profiles. Search engines enhance profiles automatically. Visitor profiles may be contacted, evaluated, and updated.

Focus on website growth while users keep accounts. Members may change subscriptions, lead/review tracking, and more.

Bundled membership
Unlimited free and paid memberships. Monthly, yearly, and biannual billing. Over 40 privileges and constraints signify membership tiers.

Your new website may import CSV members. Geocode, import, and classify members during import.

Member fields
Extend listings to increase SEO. You may choose what members submit for directory member pages.

Customers may obtain reoccurring passive income. Create levels with varied rates, awards, and requirements. You may create a paid membership level in 60 seconds.

Subscriptions, refunds, etc.
Integration does more than collect money. Start/stop/refund member subscriptions.

Infrequently paid bills. You may quickly identify past-due members and collect late sums using integrated payment systems.

Click-to-upgrade members
Your users may upgrade to costlier memberships with one click. The new membership plan replaces the old one immediately.

Members-only leads
“Leads” are website visitors. Members sell website leads. New consumers will cost members.

Extra products and services
One-time-pay products and services may be offered on landing pages. You may provide a one-time payment instead of monthly or yearly subscriptions. This is a digital till for your directory. E-books and downloads!

Lead-generation tools
Brilliant Directories generates directory leads. You can sell and gain leads using accessible, appealing forms.
This playlist features Brilliant Directories’ free Basic Leads Package.

MANUAL+AUTO is a Simple lead-matching platform. Your members may buy leads. Referrals help build customer relationships and provide value to customers.
Buy Extra Income for Members! Helping individuals may pay. Clients may acquire excellent leads effortlessly. Your members will appreciate intelligent purchases.

Frontend ease
Brilliant Directories has built a sophisticated, user-friendly interface. Your company can fly with these tools.

Hosting upgrades
Point your domain’s nameservers to Brilliant Directories. Brilliant Directory,,,.org,.gov, and. me.

Brilliant Directories backups your website daily. Your admin dashboard offers quick backups. Upgrade to 14-day backups if required.

Checkout and registration pages utilize SSL. Passwords, credit card numbers, etc., are protected. Brilliant Directories’ SSL Security add-on safeguards your website. SSL secures webpages. It safeguards online data, enhancing client trust and revenues.

You have complete authority over the FRONTEND SOURCE CODE as a website administrator. Through Brilliant Directories’ closed-source network, we maintain cutting-edge security.

Security measures include IP surveillance and failed login protection. Visitors’ IP addresses may be tracked. After multiple failed login attempts, the system may lock users out to prevent unauthorized access and password guessing.

Multiple-site management
It streamlines site administration. A navigation link will display if your admin account is connected to many websites. Duplicate a webpage.
local services
Business directory topics B2B and B2C. Your members may be found, contacted, and matched as leads.
Industries popular Weddings, legal, pet care, etc.

Simplify member organization establishment, administration, publishing, and emailing.
Alumni, Parent-Teacher, Political, Non-Profits, Foundation, Charities, Religious Groups Themes

Classifications and listings
Your website should accept job opportunities, open homes, classified advertisements, and real estate classifieds. Buy, rent, or sell stuff.

Directory add-ons
Brilliant Directories provides 75+ add-ons to boost income and signups. VIP clubs offer discounts. Add-ons for directories are clever.
Increases signups and upgrades
Add-on enhances sales
Add-on boosted website automation
90% savings!

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Pors & Cons

  • Anyone can use Brilliant Directories to get their site up and running and ready to add new members in less than a day.
  • Our use case is associated with a member directory with more than one level.
  • It meets all of our goals and then some.
  • Everything is built into the platform, and the user interface is good compared to the competition.
  • It provides affordable add-ons so that the site’s features can keep up with its growth.



What are Brilliant Directories?

Brilliant Directories provide a turnkey platform for launching membership websites. You can choose the software you want and the services you need, including managing members, publishing content, and more.

Where is brilliant directories located?

Click to see the map view.

Does brilliant directories have an app?

brilliant directories is ready for the Android and iOS app stores

Because your Brilliant Directories website is 100% Mobile-Friendly, you can quickly turn it into a mobile app without extra coding or setting up.

Is Brilliant Directories free?

All-in-one tool for listing in directories. You can get the free Brilliant Directories business directory plugin and start making beautiful directory websites immediately.



($89) Brilliant Directories Lifetime Deal



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