Brilliant Directories – Best Directory Software than WordPress

Brilliant Directories – Best Directory Software than WordPress

Membership programs are a great way to build client loyalty and generate consistent revenue for your company. It’s only sometimes worth waiting for a bespoke site or juggling many tools to create, operate, and monetize a membership site.

Imagine if all the administrative tasks associated with managing a membership site were consolidated under a single dashboard. This would allow for streamlined management of member profiles, newsletters, and other published material. To create a membership site, manage your members, sell subscriptions, and publish content, go beyond Brilliant Directories.

What is Brilliant Directories:

Brilliant Directories is an Easy Framework for Constructing a Successful Business Listings Platform. Brilliant Directories provide a turn-key platform for launching membership websites. You can choose the software you want and the services you need, including managing members, publishing content, and more.

Brilliant Directories Create, maintain, and profit from your membership website to seize control of your industry.

Membership programs are a great way to provide lasting value for your clients while generating a steady revenue stream for your company. (In addition, you will be able to make jackets that are only available to members and learn a secret handshake.)

But if you have to juggle multiple tools to construct, manage, and monetize your membership website, pay a significant sum of money and wait for a custom site, the process may be more complicated than it’s worth.

Could you manage your membership program in a single location, complete with content publishing, email marketing, and searchable directories?

The Brilliant Directories are now available. Try it now

($89) Brilliant Directories Lifetime Deal

Key Features:

  • Access to Brilliant Directories for life
  • All upcoming Website Plan revisions
  • Choose the plan that’s best for you without using coupons or stacking.
  • Activate the license within 60 days after purchase.
  • Possibility to change licensing levels between 5 license tiers
  • conforming to GDPR
  • Customers of AppSumo in the past who bought Brilliant Directories may upgrade their license to get more features.
  • For Tiers 3+, there is a bonus: a 75% discount coupon for further purchases made on the Brilliant Directories website.
  • Release of Developer Tools at Tier 5
  • Standard Features for All plans
  • Share newsletters
  • SSL certificate verification
  • Data export for members add-on
  • 1 website for all time
  • Share newsletters
  • SSL certificate verification
  • Data export for members add-on
  • 1 website for all time

($89) Brilliant Directories Lifetime Deal

Overview of Brilliant Directories:

Brilliant Directories is a complete turn-key platform consisting of software and a service that enables users to quickly and easily launch membership websites, manage members, sell subscriptions, publish content, and do much more.

Brilliant Directories does all for your membership website to be up and running quickly.

Because it is a fully hosted solution, all you need to do to begin using it is connect your domain, select a payment gateway, and start customizing it to reflect your business.

You can configure various membership tiers, each of which will have its pricing structure, set of features, and access privileges.

The platform puts in extra work hours to help you maximize your revenue by automating recurring payments and notifying you of overdue payments.

Incredible control panel for Directories

You’ll find everything you need on the main dashboard to launch, manage, and monetize your membership site.

Your subscribers, as well as visitors to your website, are always looking for more content.

Because of this, Brilliant Directories allows you to publish, safeguard, and even invite members to contribute user-generated content to your website.

You can choose which members can access specific posts, such as blog posts, discussions, events, coupons, photo albums, and classifieds, and you can publish all of these posts.

You can save time by repurposing any post type to meet the requirements of your website. For example, you could convert blog posts into other types of content or clone events and then update them.

administrative control panel for managing posts

Creating new posts on Brilliant Directories and managing existing ones is as simple as pointing and clicking.

You can increase the number of paid signup by importing business listings, enabling free trial periods, offering discounted promo codes, or even importing business listings and allowing visitors to claim profiles by paying for a membership plan.

Protect your premium content by requiring visitors to sign up for paid plans to gain access to it. This will ensure that only paying customers have access to it.

You can also generate additional revenue by selling leads, digital products, services, ad placements, and other things behind different paywalls you can create.

transaction history and dashboard for administrators

Get an overview of your transaction history, which may include payments that you have received, upcoming payments, overdue payments, payments that have been refunded, and payments that have been stopped.

Build a directory for your city, business, hobby, or professional network with one of the themes for customizable directories.

Visitors to your website can locate, get matched with, and make service-related contact with any of your professional members.

Establishing prices for leads and then selling them to businesses that are registered in your business directory is one way to turn your business directory website into a revenue generator.

Members can even manage their profiles with Brilliant Directories, eliminating the need to take time out of their already-packed schedules to make changes or update their information.

Directory of members displayed on the front end

Visitors to your website can locate, make contact with, and be matched with professionals in your directory.

It takes significantly more coordination to keep a membership community up and running than it does to organize a Thanksgiving meal in the modern era. (“She follows the ketogenic diet, and I have a sensitivity to gluten—not an allergy, just a sensitivity.”)

You put in extra hours on the backend because you publish content, handle password resets, manage signup, and process refunds.

Brilliant Directories makes establishing, managing, and monetizing your membership site a breeze, allowing you to put your attention where it belongs: on the users who contribute to the site’s success.

Get access to Brilliant Directories for an entire lifetime right now!

($89) Brilliant Directories Lifetime Deal

Web Page Builder

Creating a website that acts as an online directory requires a significant financial investment and a lot of work. Therefore, rather than investing more than 300 hours on something that has yet to be evaluated, it could be more prudent to go with a product with a track record of success. Most satisfied customers whose evaluations we looked at for Brilliant Directories were people who had previously been let down by programmers but who discovered a solution to their problem in this product.

Even if you don’t know to code, you can design, maintain, and manage your website with the help of the built-in web page builder. To customize your website, you will only use the visual editor, which functions like that of Microsoft Word. You also have the opportunity to utilize your HTML and CSS code to provide an experience that is even more tailored to your specific preferences.

Our review of Brilliant Directories shows that the software includes dependable search engine optimization (SEO) tools. These tools allow admins and prospective members to experiment with keywords, titles, and meta descriptions to increase their search visibility. And lastly, depending on your chosen price plan, you will receive SSL certificates, daily backups, a managed email management system, or login protection with your hosting package.

Brilliant Directories and Directory Themes and Resources

The directory configuration process on the Brilliant Directories platform is lauded for being user-friendly, speedy, and effective. The creators also allow users to bulk import their members, reflecting that the program is designed to be used by both novices and seasoned professionals equally.

You will be able to select a topic that is appropriate for your audience, regardless of whether they work in the legal, financial, real estate, or nonprofit sectors. Additional evidence from evaluations of Brilliant Directories demonstrates that the professional directory themes are pretty simple to modify. It is easy to add different components to your brand, such as your logo, photographs, text, etc. Additionally, every theme is white-label, meaning Brilliant Directory’s branding is not included in the final product in any way.

You’ll be able to automate processes, boost signup, and expand your income, all with the help of the more than 60 Brilliant Directories add-ons. For example, including a chat feature on your Facebook website can help customers feel more connected to your company. Installing a Google website translator will ensure that your website can be accessed by anyone speaking any language.

Our investigation has also shown that each theme is fully compatible with mobile devices. Even more, the vendor will walk you through developing a mobile application for your online directory website in a matter of minutes (again, no coding experience is required). You may earn more SEO points and reach a broader audience by using the Brilliant Directories mobile app as your gateway.

Member Management

Your customers’ experience starts with a self-service dashboard where they can log in to update their contact information, create content, and engage with other members. As an administrator, you tailor the member form fields to your organization’s requirements and leave the rest to your members.

Additional evaluations of Brilliant Directories laud the platform’s possibilities for membership rights and limits. Then, after an administrator has aligned their database with the capabilities of their target audience, they may pick from forty distinct methods to solicit donations from members. Choose from free monthly, yearly, or semi-annual memberships; the seller provides an infinite number of free membership levels.

As membership management software, Brilliant Directories is a successful platform for several reasons. However, the searchable directory plays the primary role. The company listings of your members are accessible so visitors can locate and contact the ideal partner for their requirements. It is possible to do searches by location, keyword, and category. Overall, the platform is Google- and user-friendly, as well as administratively uncomplicated.

($89) Brilliant Directories Lifetime Deal

Email Marketing, Newsletters, and Sharing on Social Media

More than 40 unique email marketing templates are available as welcome emails, account upgrade confirmations, or campaigns on Brilliant Directories. According to customer evaluations of Brilliant Directories, the internal email marketing system has saved them tens of thousands of dollars. Admins may send newsletters and generate customized email marketing lists to keep members informed of the newest community happenings. Brilliant Directories allows you to add a link to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter page to the directory’s homepage, enhancing your community’s marketing efforts.

Content Distribution

User evaluations laud the simplicity of posting almost any form of material. Thanks to the Site-Wide SEO Editor, members need not worry about their content and where it stands out in search engines, whether it’s a blog post, a picture gallery of items, or a piece of artwork. The discounts and coupons aspect of the website encourages affiliates to register and promote their links. Integration with Google Maps facilitates location discovery for your users, resulting in a more natural browsing experience.

Monetization Tools

As stated in this Brilliant Directories review, the vendor provides many payment methods and gateways, including Stripe, PayPal, BluePay.

Brilliant Directories allows you to generate passive money through recurring membership fees. Sponsors and members may install banner advertising on their websites or generate additional income using Google AdSense to increase their earnings from advertisers.

The lead-generating tools feature a relatively new development by the makers of Brilliant Directories, and is suggested for more tech-savvy customers. Each theme is compatible with the lead-generation packages, and as an administrator, you sell the leads to your members.

($89) Brilliant Directories Lifetime Deal


Best for

  • Entrepreneur-curious
  • Marketers
  • Web designers

Alternative to

  • BuddyBoss
  • MemberPress
  • WordPress


  • Custom API
  • Integrately
  • Konnectzit
  • Pabbly Connect
  • Zapier


  • GDPR-compliant
  • White label


We love that anyone can use Brilliant Directories to get their site up and running and ready to add new members in less than a day. This platform is mature, solid, and full of great features. Our use case is associated with a member directory with more than one level. After testing the site, we found that it meets all of our goals and then some. We have yet to think of many of the platform’s features, but they will add a lot of value and help us grow quickly. Everything is built into the platform, and the user interface is good compared to the competition.


Some of the limits on features, like storage space, could be a bit low if the site’s membership grows significantly, which is the goal. They have affordable add-ons so that the site’s features can keep up with its growth.

Why should you pick Brilliant Directories?

Since 2010, we’ve been building a site for members and businesses. We started with WordPress and tried several SaaS products, but we still need to meet our needs. After spending time and money on the solutions, we are thrilled to find Brilliant Directories. Our use case is associated with a member directory with more than one level.

We have yet to think of many of the platform’s features, but they will add a lot of value and help us grow quickly. Everything is built into the forum, and the user interface is good compared to the competition. We choose Brilliant Directories for the top three reasons: 1) It is a fully developed, mature platform with a “done-for-you” model. 2) It has many features to help organizations that are just starting as well as those that are growing quickly. 3) The price is a good deal with a good return on investment (ROI)

Why should you start using Brilliant Directories?

I don’t feel comfortable saying what our old platform was called, but the user interface was awful. In comparison, running Brilliant Directories is easy for us as administrators and our members.

($89) Brilliant Directories Lifetime Deal


What is Brilliant Directories?

Brilliant Directories provide a turn-key platform for launching membership websites. You can choose the software you want and the services you need, including managing members, publishing content, and more.

Where is brilliant directories located?

Click to see the map view.

Does brilliant directories have an app?

brilliant directories is ready for the Android and iOS app stores

Because your Brilliant Directories website is 100% Mobile-Ready, you can quickly turn it into a mobile app without extra coding or setting up.

Is Brilliant Directories free?

All-in-one tool for listing in directories. You can get the free Brilliant Directories business directory plugin and start making beautiful directory websites immediately.

Does brilliant have an affiliate program?

Get in on the best commission rates in the business! When a new customer signs up, the average amount they spend is $950. 10 referrals can make you $4,750! Get 50% commissions FOR LIFE on all renewed monthly and yearly payments.







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