SUPERMACHINE: Generate stock photos, art, and images with the latest AI technology

With SUPERMACHINE, you can generate your stock photos, artwork, NFTs, YouTube thumbnails, blog images, or whatever else your imagination can conjure up with the newest advanced artificial intelligence technology!

By leveraging AI technology to refresh the picture material on all of your social media accounts and online presence, you can take advantage of the AI revolution that is rapidly sweeping over the world.

With a range of different aspect ratios and the ability to produce images in less than 15 seconds, SUPERMACHINE is an extremely quick option.


Make graphics, artwork, and stock shots with AI.

With the newest AI technology, you may input a few words or sentences describing the kind of image you want to view.

Quick Overview


  • GDPR-compliant
  • Artificial Intelligence

Using only a few words to conjure up imagery is so simple.

featuring a very tidy interface that makes it quick and easy to create photos for desktop or mobile devices.

Transform a summary into a completely realized, one-of-a-kind graphic that is prepared for your content marketing requirements.

You possess complete commercial rights to utilize these photos for whatever purpose you want, and they won’t have been seen anywhere else.

Let AI do the work for you

With its library of over 40 bespoke models, SUPERMACHINE makes it simple to create images in any style.

Just tap the magical create button after telling the AI what you want to see!

To precisely target the ideal image for your requirements, you may even use a canvas to customize your generation.

Join a thriving ecosystem of AI art creators

SUPERMACHINE is quite easy to use. We like witnessing the many ways in which our users are leveraging this fantastic new technology and integrating their generations into their content and commercial endeavors.

Great for new and advanced users alike

Our primary goal at SUPERMACHINE is simplicity. It is simple to use right away, yet the advanced options allow you further flexibility if you’d like. Every week, we introduce new models, and we always use the newest models available.

Obtain access right now!

Features & Plans

Understanding terms and conditions

Access to SUPERMACHINE for life
Every modification to the Apprentice Plan in the future
Deals will be mapped to the new Plan name and any related adjustments if the Plan name changes.
Your code(s) must be redeemed within 60 days after purchase.
Put five codes in a stack.
The new feature limitations will be grandfathered in for former AppSumo users.
Those who already bought SUPERMACHINE from AppSumo can purchase additional tickets to extend their feature limitations.
This purchase is not refundable.

All plans come with the following features:

A search tool to assist with the picture generation prompts
Quick generations (average less than 15 seconds)
Upscaling natively and facial enhancer
Individual generations and the concept of folders
responsive on desktop and mobile

SUPERMACHINE AppSumo Lifetime Deal

SUPERMACHINE AppSumo Lifetime Deal starts at $79 and gets a $10 sign-up bonus as a new user. And you can also enjoy a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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