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Depositphotos What is it?

Depositphotos is a professional stock photo site with over 250 million photos and illustrations. It offers images from various topics, such as technology, nature, food and drinks, art, people, etc. Depositphotos has become a favorite among digital creators worldwide, offering customers an easy-to-use interface and an affordable pricing plan.

Authors, bloggers, advertisers, videographers, and agencies looking for high-quality stock content should go no further. Depositphotos is a stock picture and vector image repository with over 195 million high-quality, royalty-free images. That’s more than 195 million gorgeous photographs to use in your books, blog, website, social media, and communications.

  • Access over 195 million royalty-free stock pictures and vector images in our collection.
  • Getty Images is an alternative.
  • Engage viewers with high-quality content created by experts from across the world.

Image Background Remover

Delete backgrounds from any images. Free AI-powered tool to save time.

Video Background Remover

Get background-free videos in seconds. Free automated tool to edit video.

Free Files

Explore free images on Depositphotos. Download today!

Vector Files

Find vector files on every theme Perfect for graphic design projects

Videos For Projects

Find stock footage for every theme Choose from millions of files

All AppSumo Lifetime Deals

One-time payment. Lifetime benefit.
Access 270M+ royalty-free images and generate AI images to boost your content
Depositphotos One-time payment. Lifetime benefit. Access 270M+ royalty-free images and generate AI images to boost your content

It’s important to note that stock images are not free and most require a license to be used commercially. As such, you must familiarize yourself with DepositPhotos’ licensing options before downloading any images.

Depositphotos is a leading stock photo and video store that allows users to purchase commercial, personal, editorial, and promotional content. It offers royalty-free images in various categories, such as illustrations, vectors, and photographs.

Professional photographers and image makers can submit their work to the platform in exchange for payment from interested buyers or by subscription. By utilizing DepositPhotos services, you can secure beautiful and unique visuals at great prices while simplifying your creative workflow.

Depositphotos Review: A Comprehensive Guide to the Stock Photo Giant

Depositphotos is one of the largest stock image sites in the world, offering over 250 million high-quality photos, illustrations, and vector graphics for personal and commercial projects. The library consists of creative works from professional photographers verified by DepositPhotos for their quality submissions. Various categories are available, ranging from natural landscapes and hi-tech industry shots to cartoons and contemporary fashion content.

Discover 270M+ images on any topic, with thousands of new photos and vectors added daily.

You may search for particular categories using keywords or browse the main categories mentioned on their homepage menu bar and the daily highlighted goods on their landing page.

All files come in varied sizes, picture quality formats, and source files. Vector artworks are included in subscription plans or bespoke packs tailored to your budget, unlike other sites where a single item costs more when purchased individually.

Depositphotos is your pocket savings centre when you need several photographs, hand-drawn artwork, or hardback illustrated library book-inspired characters, particularly if you are beginning a company and tracking marketing expenditures within budget limits.

Receiving all design aspects concurrently without additional costs from secondary cross-referencing sources allows us to become a one-stop solution store, integrating features, attractions, and discount offers.

Promo codes that give consumers incentives to share shopping stories outperform high-end customer service. Why use DepositPhotos in live chat to support audience profiles based on visitors’ browsing behaviour and geographic stats?

Excellent customer service, a 48-hour inquiry turnaround, account transactions, online payments, PayPal Payments Notifications, and billing issues resolved quickly support buying. Thus, the money-saving advantage is appealing.

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Reasons You Should Use DepositPhotos for Your Business Needs

Are you looking for an affordable stock photo site that provides professional images? Here are seven reasons why choosing Deposit Photos for your business needs is an excellent decision:

• Quality: With hundreds of millions of high-quality pictures, drawings, and vectors from verified contributors worldwide, plus powerful search tools like keyword recommendations, you’ll get what you need fast.

• Pricing: Subscription options make it easier for organizations on limited budgets to get quality content as required, which is far more cost-effective than purchasing individual photographs or royalty-free licensing.

• Variety: Its vast selection covers almost every subject, including seasonal favorites (Valentine’s Day cards, anyone?). Deposit Photos offers many options to captivate users, particularly when they’re short on time yet need distinctive graphics fast – just what small companies need when planning quick-turn campaigns.

• Premium Content: Access exclusive premium content, including editorial stock video articles, interactive graphic layouts, layered template files, complex designs, audio tracks, sound effects, texture patterns, simulations, virtual sets & screen composers designed to make projects stand out visually, melodically and in a, synthetically ultra modern futuristic style.Only industry-leading professionals to deliver level services.

6 Key Features That Make Deposit Photos Stand Out in Comparison to Other Image Banks

• Simple search and browsing feature: This feature lets you quickly find all content associated with a theme, genre, or style by grouping images into collections of pertinent topics.

• Powerful search engine: Use simple keyword input or advanced search filters when searching for photos, vectors, or videos so that your query results are always relevant.

• High-quality content: Select from royalty-free images produced by professional contributors worldwide, and every search result includes only the best-quality photography.

• Unique content: Depositphotos’s gallery page features rare finds from the private collection not seen anywhere else and an assortment of new releases daily.

• Affordable pricing: Use cheap download plans designed for maximum value with convenient payment methods such as Bank Wire Transfer (BFT), Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard), and PayPal, available worldwide.

• Comprehensive licensing options: With multiple copyright types (exclusive and non-exclusive) tailored especially for individuals & businesses, settle upon optimal license agreements specifically suited to your needs.

Create collections of your favorite photos that you can download onto your device.
Create collections of your favorite photos that you can download onto your device.

Reasons You Should Use DepositPhotos For Your Business Needs

1. Save Money – As mentioned earlier, you can expect excellent savings if you buy through DepositPhotos, thanks to its flexible pricing plans and exclusive discounts of up to 60%.

2—Quality Stock Media—Most photos offered on the platform are available in UltraHD 4K resolution and vector graphics, so you can get exceptional file quality without spending too much money.

3—Global Contributor Network—DepositPhotos’s vast global community of almost 3 million contributors sharing their work with hundreds of thousands of daily visitors on the site sets it apart! This means you can access thousands of immersive choices for stunning visuals that no other stock media provider can offer.

4—Seamless Workflows—Every asset you acquire here comes equipped with metadata attribution, which helps streamline daily task management throughout the entire operation support system, thanks mainly to its cloud-based technology infrastructure.

5—Constant Growth—Since its founding in 2009, DepotPhotos has strived to improve its services. It releases significant new updates every few months while offering unique visuals that are rarely seen elsewhere online, giving it a solid competitive edge over competitors.

6– Permitted Usages – Lastly, alongside regular commercial usages, companies may also opt to use their purchased DepotPhoto assets digital publications without worrying about legal encumbrances when used correctly, respecting copyrights relevant to the respective country’s policies and specified license agreement.

7 – Comprehensive Training Tutorials Library As expected, perfecting the art and making fantastic aesthetic imagery is impossible. Thus, Depositphotos offers a training tutorial library with the top-notch basic knowledge needed to master the craft and become a true pro yourself. The time is done right inside the comfortable home environment.

Pros And Cons Of DepositPhotos Pros

• Offers a wide range of high-quality photos, videos & illustrations

• Flexible pricing plans & bundles with exclusive discounts are up-and-coming.

• Copyright laws are subject to change per region

• No free trial option outside US country

Depositphotos free trial coupon

Free trials are available. Depositphotos coupons provide a one-month free trial of chosen premium packages to consumers who match the coupon’s eligibility requirements. This has proved a long-term money saver since excellent stock media photographs add a price-cutting punch to current offerings.

($39) Depositphotos AppSumo Lifetime Deals: $10 Discount For New Users


Before it’s too late, stock up on quality stock pictures.

We don’t have much time, so we’ll get things done quickly.

Why Depositphotos? You want royalty-free access to a vast library of high-quality images regarding stock photographs. As a result, we’re bringing back one of our most popular offers of all time! (These codes go as quickly as unlabeled cookie dough ice cream in a communal fridge.) Depositphotos screams for you, I scream for you, and we all call for Depositphotos.

Why we? 

You might wonder how you’ll locate what you want in such an extensive library. You may perform a reverse image search by categories such as nature, business, animals, people, cities, abstract, education, and many others (seriously, way too many to list). Depositphotos brings together the finest of the most outstanding photos and graphics worldwide. This isn’t your grandmother’s stock photography. (No harm intended; you gave it your all, Grandma.) When you have access to images like these, the world is your oyster. One of our most popular offers is DepositPhotos.

Why are Sumo-lings so fond of it?

Because it includes:

  • Stacking is not restricted.
  • Never-expiring credits (Ever and ever.)
  • All photos are royalty-free and come with a Standard License, meaning you may use them commercially without credit for social media posts, graphic designs, ebook covers, etc. You are not, however, permitted to resell photos.)
  • Goodbye, old stuff from those free websites.

So, off you go! As many Depositphotos as possible should be stacked. Who knows when the codes will be exhausted?

Now is the time to get your Depositphotos credits!

$10 Bonus 

Deal Terms for Plans and Features

  • Try it within 60 days of purchase, be happy, or return it.
  • Only photos with a Standard License are eligible.
  • Credits never run out.
  • For more photos, stack an endless amount of codes.
  • When you get a refund, your image usage rights are canceled.


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